Monday, April 18, 2011

The Ejectors "Hydrohead"

Punk  Not  Profit
Texas punk Fort Worth styleez punk who originally released the hydrohead 45.

Here's a 12 track album of recordings from 1981, that contains some of the south's most collectable traxxx.

so press the ejector seat and pogo pogo!

file under,;; swamp punk fistfukk

1] Little Johnny

2] Napalm Hop - Slam Dance

3] Social Debate

4] Standin' Over There

5] The Unknown

6] Fade With The Summer

7] Hydrohead

8] It's Not The Way

9] George Jetson

10] Communist Call

11] Hey Baby

12] She Was The Girl

The Ejectors - Mediafire


The Ejectors - Megaupload


The Ejectors - Rapidshare

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