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Sound Off: T. Tex Edwards and Out on Parole (from Austin Sound)

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Sound Off: T. Tex Edwards and Out on Parole

By Austin Sound • Oct 26th, 2009 • Category: Featured Story, Sound Off •

Back in the late Seventies and early Eighties, T. Tex Edwards helped define the “cowpunk” sound in Texas, first with the Cramps-ian ferocity of The Nervebreakers and later with the rootsier pull of his projects that would evolve into T. Tex Edwards and Out on Parole. At times twisted and brooding, T. Tex Edwards’ brand of psycho-billy trolls the darker edges of Americana with a surly Texas swagger and irreverence that rips rockabilly and jungle-twang. Edwards is preparing a career compilation album for release early next year, as well as a new Nervebreakers record, but this Saturday, Oct. 31, you can spend Halloween with the legend and fellow local icons as T. Tex Edwards and Out on Parole desecrate the Hole in the Wall alongside the notorious Hickoids and the Gay Sportscasters featuring guitar giant Evan Johns. Also, we highly recommend following for some incomparable history lessons!

Profile: T. Tex Edwards

Year Formed:

The original Out On Parole was back in the 1980’s, my first go-round living in Austin. I moved back here in the late 90’s & we reformed OOP when our album got re-released on CD by Saustex in 2007.

Members/Instruments played:

The current Out On Parole has: Joe Dickens, “Big Jeff” Keyton & Chad Nichols on guitars, J.J. Barrera or Pat Collins on bass, & usually Mike Buck or Karen Biller on drums, but Jonie Hell is filling in this Halloween at the Hole.

Former Bands/Side Projects:

Nervebreakers, Tex & the Saddletramps, Out On Parole, The Loafin’ Hyenas, Swingin’ Cornflake Killers, & The Affordable Caskets. /Recorded one-off singles with the Hickoids, Lithium X-mas, disGraceland, & Fireworks.


We Want Everything (Existential Vacuum LP/Get Hip CD),
Hijack the Radio! (Rave Up LP)
2010 CD release of a new Nervebreakers album, Face Up to Reality;

with Out On Parole:
Pardon Me, I’ve Got Someone To Kill (Sympathy for the Record Industry LP ‘89/Saustex CD ‘07)

The Loafin’ Hyenas:
The Loafin’ Hyenas (New Rose LP/CD ‘91)

with Swingin’ Cornflake Killers:
Up Against the Floor (Honey CD ‘96)

upcoming CD, Intexicated!, a “best of” collection of T. Tex Edwards hits, near-misses, one-off’s, & oddities (1982-2001).


Numerous, from all over the place.

Strangest comment or comparison ever made about your music:

The couple that met at one of my gigs years ago, both having “Psycho” as their favorite song, & then wanting me to play it at their wedding.

Favorite local bands:

Eve & the Exiles, Transgressors, Victims of Leisure, Leroi Brothers, Churchwood, Hickoids, Cold Hard Facts, Uglybeats, Jesse Sublett…

Favorite local venue:

This week, the Hole-in-the-Wall. Next month, I think we will be at Roadhouse Rags, so that will be…

Upcoming shows scheduled:

Oct. 31 - Hole

Some of your favorite albums from the past year:

The Movie Star Junkies from Italy & the Plastic Pals from Sweden.

Ideal band (past or present) to open for on a national tour:

The Only Ones.

Austin Sound questions:
You were at the forefront of the Cowpunk scene back in the late 70s and 80s. Looking back, how much do feel that that scene’s emergence was in reaction to the popularity of progressive country in Texas?

Well it was sometimes called “regressive country” or “punktry & western” back then.

Do y’all have anything special planned for the Halloween show?

I guess we’re obligated to do costumes. I hear JJ’s gonna be an executioner. I haven’t come up with anything yet. And alot of our material is especially creepy as it is.

Song Introduction:

“Move It’ is one of two of my songs covered by other artists, by the Leroi Brothers on the Lucky Lucky Me LP from 1985, (the other being “If Looks Could Kill” covered by Texas Terri).

Sound Off:

We still do the “psycho-country” murder ballads, but also jungle-rhythmed 6o’s pop-psych surfed trash dark-side-of-the-hick fun stuff too…

Move It:


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