Sunday, February 28, 2010

Duggie Fields interview (on Syd)

"Steve" (melodylaughter) from Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett Pink Floyd yahoo group at: recently re-posted a great chunk of history. An interview with fab artist & ex-Syd Barrett roomie, Duggie Fields. Here is Steve's description and a link...

Duggie Fields interview

> Q: "do you still have that mashup and subsiquent audio?"

I dug it up. Hard to believe that was six years ago. We were still using
SHN files. Pete probably still has it, but I converted them to flac. It's
definitely smaller that way, the Lucy interview in particular.

Both of them are available in a .rar file here-- BH2UF6YT

The first interview is in the pub; that's the one I had to mess with. I
think 60% of it had to be cut, because it was Bolan this and Sex Pistols
that, and London in '77 instead of London in '67, and then back to Syd after
five or ten minutes off-topic.

The second one is in the Madcap room. Daniel's an excellent interviewer,
and by the end of it you feel they really have exhausted the subject.

I'm not sure these interviews broke as much new ground as we would have
liked, but it's great hearing it directly from Duggie rather than as a quote
somewhere in one of the Syd books. Enjoy.

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