Monday, December 26, 2011

Childe Harold - Brink of Death/Anne With Love (Limelight L-3084) 1968 Psych

Childe Harold - Brink of Death

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Here is one of my new fav 45's, US Psych band Childe Harold with their song Brink of Death. It was written by Bert Sommer of The Left Banke, that Barouqe Psych is evident in both sides of this 45. This was Childe Harold's only release, it was put out on the Limelight label in 1968

Childe Harold - Anne With Love

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This is the flipside of Childe Harold's sole 45 on Limelight records. This flipside actually to me is a wee bit better than the A-side. Sort of the same Barouque Psych (obviously inspired by the Left Banke, as their A side was written by Bert Sommer) but this song has a little spacey feel added into it, really great little known gem. Written and arranged by Walter/Wendy Carlos.


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