Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VU: 'Diddling' to 'Booker T.' to 'The Gift'

The Velvet Underground - The Gift ("Booker T." Instrumental)

"The Gift", taken from the White Light White Heat album (not the original master, but the other one). Given the vocals and the instrumentals are completely separate from each other in either speaker, I took the instrumentals from the right speaker and isolated them, turning the sound Mono and stand-alone in both speakers. The instrumental by itself is called "The Booker T." The song itself was performed as an instrumental improvisation live, just months before the recording of the album.

WAV lossless quality. Using Goldwave, I reduced the instrumentals in the right speaker and then made the song into Mono-sound. The result is the song with John Cale's monologue pretty apparent in the mix, with the instrumentals serving as a back-drop underneath them.

EF: "The music for "The Gift" was developed from the "Booker T" jam the band did live."

"Booker T" by The Velvet Underground

JM: "The music from The Gift was stolen from Bo Diddley's Diddling. Lou even admitted it to Quine, Bo had two tunes called Diddling, this one is from Bo's A Lover..."

Bo Diddley-Diddling (1962)

via Philip ToddEddie FlowersAlan Blattberg, & James Marshall.

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