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The Passing Show: Documentary about Ronnie Lane + 1989 Interview + 1983 Dutch Radio Interview

The life and music of Ronnie Lane from the Small Faces/The Faces & Slim Chance heres "The passing show" 2006 in 3 parts...

The Passing Show: Documentary about Ronnie Lane

RONNIE LANE Interview by Kent Benjamin March 3, 1989

DaveTV brings you RONNIE LANE Interview by Kent Benjamin March 3, 1989

How Ronnie Lane met Steve Marriott

From a radio interview June 23, 1983, in the Dutch program "Poster", in which Ronnie explains how he met Steve who was working as a temporary employee in a music store where Ronnie walked in looking for a guitar.

The Small Faces: Ronnie Lane talks about their first record...

Ronnie Lane tells us about songwriting with Steve Marriott, how he hated their name "The Small Faces" and how they met Don Arden and through him Sammy Samuels which led to their first record: Whatcha Gonna Do About It.
From an interview with Ronnie Plonk Lane for the Dutch radio program "Poster"June 1983.

Ronnie Lane talking about Mods, Beatles and sound going "out of phase"

In this radio interview from June 1983 for the Dutch radio program 'Poster" Ronnie "Plonk"Lane tells us about being Mods, his appreciation for The Beatles and background details of their sound going out of phase for the first time in Itchycoo Park. An effect which was used by many of their fellow bands on the label Immediate i.e. Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Ronnie Lane talking about Itchycoo Park

In a radio interview from the Dutch program "Poster" in June 1983, Ronnie Lane tells us about the origins of their great hit "Itchycoo Park", where the melody stems from (the hymn God be in my heart and in my understanding), the real location of the park and why they changed the name in Itchycoo.

Ronnie Lane Talks About Lazy Sunday

In the radio programme "Poster", July 1983, Ronnie Lane tells us about the origins of Lazy Sunday, a number written by Steve Marriott.

Ronnie Lane about The Universal

In a Dutch radio program, Poster, in July 1983, Ronnie Lane talks about the origins of the Small Faces last original single record: The Universal.

The Small Faces - Song Of A Baker - Colour Me Pop (1968)

The Small Faces at there best a fusion of rock and pop, Marriotts voice was amazing, it took Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood to replace him when the Faces were formed...

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