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Is a new vehicle for the exploration of the contemporary headscape, the post-postmodern Weltanschauung, of the disaffected human soul cut adrift in an environment of cultural debris and philosophical vacuum, bereft of ideological certainty, drained of angst and motivation like an empty swimming-pool.

Will explore the para-literary, ontological indeterminacy, the poetry of quantum mechanics and posthuman pornography, the disinterestedly transgressive, the shamelessly narcissistic, a new aesthetics based on total disinterest and the psychopathic imagination.

Will carve new channels for the mind and emotions, and shamelessly plunder the past.

Disrespects all barriers, boundaries and genre-manoeuvres of the cultural and marketing industries...



We want your fiction, artwork, photographs, articles on any subject under the sun – music, film, literature, politics, science, magick, gardening even(!!!).

PARAPHILIA will be updated every few months. Back issues will be archived and available as downloads. We plan to present an annual paperback collection of the best material received during the year.


There is no particular style or genre we are looking for. We want the work that is in the depths of your subconscious, the things you want to say but censor through fear of censure, through need of acceptance – social or commercial. It’s time to take over the means of expression from the conglomerates and industry.

Push it! Please don’t send us material that most other magazines would accept. Go large! Defy the limits and expectations imposed on you by the world.

PARAPHILIA MAGAZINE is a non-profit making venture. We do what we do out of love. Hence, we will not be offering payment for inclusion in the magazine. All copyrights, of course, belong to the authors, artists, etc...


In the spirit of ‘What the fuck!’ we have decided to extend our activities into ‘book’ publishing. The titles will be put out in a variety of formats; primarily in digital form (for various reasons). Some of the electronic-books will also be printed as limited edition hardbacks or paperbacks, some as subscription only, others for general sale. The different editions of any titles published in multiple formats will contain some different material. There will also be some titles published only in ‘hard’ copy. We will announce these titles as things progress.

We will also put up material for exclusive perusal on the website, which can be viewed and/or read in THE DUNGEON section - forthcoming.

All submissions to:

D M Mitchell / Díre McCain

We have now enough material for Issue Two and are putting the final touches to it. The 'publication' date to be announced soon.

Please send us some material for Issue Three - the usual, dark, funny, erotic, traumatic, esoteric etc.. stuff. The sort of stuff that life is really made up of.

And we are looking for special 'themed' material for Issue Four. Aside from our regular serials, we will be displaying all the fun of the fair. Circuses, clowns, jugglers, freaks, monsters, fairgrounds, musee mecanique, animated tableaux, etc...

Thank you
the editors

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