Monday, April 27, 2009

Teabagged by The GRUMPY OWL


Posted by Ryan Oakley, April 18, 2009

Dispossessed fanatics seem to like me. Can’t imagine why.

During Bush’s tenure the radical left often linked here and now, during Obama, the fundamentalist right often does. Not wanting to encourage these people, I’ve remained more or less silent about Obama. I saw little sense in lending my brains to their insanity. Although I loathe the man, his third-rate hustle of hope and his brainwashed followers, I’m basically uncomfortable with the support of the right wing. As for the left, I was just used to them.

But left wing, right wing, I can’t stand either.

Collectivist control versus individual freedom is where my heart lies. A bureaucrat’s stated reasons for passing laws about my life are completely irrelevant. Their truncheon is not.

So, now that the bloom is off the Obama rose, now that the right is rising up while the left is quietly disappointed, I’d like to take this opportunity to say: “Fuck all of y’all: I told you so!“ I’m not proud.

I remember Clinton and I remember the resistance to him. I remember the days when Michael Moore hated the democrats. I remember how good everyone got at seeing beyond the president to the systemic problems. Then there was Bush and all that was forgotten. People actually seemed to think that Al Gore would have done things differently. People are fucking morons.

For God’s sake, Clinton bombed a baby aspirin factory in Africa because his dick got sucked. For the last eight years, I’ve had to listen to democrats pretend that was a poorly timed act of foresight and heroism in the hunt for Bin Laden. It wasn’t. He was just trying to change the news story. He killed people because his dick got sucked. That’s the sort of man he was.

He also killed roughly a half a million Iraqi children with sanctions and bombing runs that were as unjustifiable then as they were under Bush and are now. Bush Jr. did not create Iraq policy. He continued it. Now Obama continues Bush policy.

You can see why Obama doesn’t want to press charges against anyone for anything. The same charges could and should be pressed against him. But they won’t be. There’s a total lack of principles on both right and left.

Except for those of the Marquis De Sade and Machiavelli.

Right now, the right is screaming about socialism and claiming to be the party of small government. But the only jobs that were created under Bush’s reign were government jobs. The first of the big bailouts came from the Republicans. Government spending, regulation and market interventionism sky-rocketed under his leadership.

Right now, the left is curiously silent about the ongoing wars. They don’t seem to mind that Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan and into Pakistan while doing nothing to end the one in Iraq, increased military spending beyond what even the Republicans wanted, is continuing to support mercenaries and has changed absolutely nothing in American foreign policy. He’s also maintained the warrant-less wire-taps, invoked state secrets, which means the government is beholden to no laws, has talked about closing Gitmo but left the actual policy that allowed it as well as the black sites completely intact, and so forth.

There has been no change.

The government offers no hope.

When you look at the whole thing, it’s funny to watch the teams change sides. After eight years of calling Bush a Nazi, the left are upset when Obama is called a fascist. Yet he has done nothing different from Bush. Aside from the stem cell research, he has not overturned a single policy. If Bush was a fascist then so is Obama. If Obama is a socialist, so was Bush. They both do the same things. The only difference is in their stated reasons.

When exactly did the left wing become supportive of giving failed corporations billions of dollars; of wars in the mid-east and of the infringement of civil liberties? It was at the exact moment their leader started doing it. The same moment the right wing decided they were against these things. Everyone hates the whip until they hold it.

It’s a sad god-damn state of affairs when men of the most basic principles can’t support either the power or the opposition. And yet, here we are: Teabagged on the left, teabagged on the right. And no one even bought us dinner.

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