Sunday, July 12, 2009

Early Alice Cooper Band demos (Pretties etc)

James @ madcapslaughing yahoo group referred us to this:
"Check out these amazing early demos of the Alice Cooper Band on youtube. This link will take you to a version of "Fields of Regret" that is in an early formative stage with different lyrics. There are more demos from "Pretties" as well as "Love It To Death" and "Killer." All in all an extraordinary find as none of this has surfaced before. Versions are very different from what was eventually recorded for the albums. (with the exception of "Reflected" which is a different mix and edit) It's real interesting to see how they worked. There's some studio chatter on some of the tracks too. This was when the name Alice Cooper meant a band called Alice Cooper not just an individual. Everyone in that band contributed to the overall sound.
Whoever produced "Pretties" really wrangled some intense performances out of those guys. Some of the demos in comparison are downright mellow! Check it. -- James"


Live in studio

Love It To Death demos:
Is It My Body #1
Is It My Body #2(My Very Own)
Sun Arise
I'm Eighteen
Instrumental Jam
Second Coming
Black Juju

The Alice Cooper band performs "Lay Down and Die Goodbye" at the "Midsummer Rock Festival" on June 13th 1970.

This is footage of the Dali piece, "Alice Cooper's Brain." Dali and Alice were great friends in the 1970s because they were both artists.

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The Stash Dauber said...

i love that "18" versh, especially when drunken alice forgets the words and starts singing the ones to "american pie" instead. the drummer in stoogeaphilia insisted we learn the song that way and if we can ever get ray to forget the words, it'll be perfect.