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TWILIGHTZONE!: The LeRoi Brothers "Lucky Lucky Me" 1985

TWILIGHTZONE! Blog posts more Leroi's!! This time "Lucky Lucky Me" from 1985 (where they covered Mr Haskins & I's song MOVE IT). I also really dig ELVIS IN THE ARMY amongst others here...


The LeRoi Brothers "Lucky Lucky Me" 1985
Evan Johns joins the LeRoi Bros for 1 LP!

It goes without saying that no one in Austin, Texas' LeRoi Brothers is named LeRoi. Debuting on the unpretentious Check This Action as a trio (singer/guitarists Steve Doerr and Don Leady and drummer Mike Buck) plus a guest bassist, the LeRois set to rocking without ado, reeling off energetically unreconstructed rock'n'roll/R&B covers (plus a few originals that don't slow down the party one bit) in an unmistakable Southwestern accent.
Evan Johns replaced guitarist Don Leady (who went on to form the Tail Gators), Lucky Lucky Me is a full menu of high-energy tunes played for keeps. "Fight Fire With Fire," the zydeco-tinged "The Back Door" and a quick history lesson, "Elvis in the Army," are among the highlights. - Trouser Press

The LeRoi Brothers:
Evan Johns: Organ, Guitar, Vocals / Jackie Newhouse: Bass / Joe Doerr: Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals / Mike Buck: Percussion, Drums / Steve Doerr: Guitar, Harmonica, Accordion, Vocals

1) Lucky Lucky Me 2) POW 3) Elvis In The Army 4) I Don't Wanna Stop 5) Walk With Me Darling 6) Give Up The Ghost 7) The Back Door 8) Dangerous Girl 9) Darlene 10) Little Bit Of Sugar 11) Move It 12) Foggy River 13) 007

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RYP said...
The LeRoi Brothers "Lucky Lucky Me"
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John Battles said...

I think the first time I saw The Leeois was at The Theater Gallery in '85 , with Evan Johns on Guitar. "Move It" was BADASS !!

John Battles said...

LEROIS , I mean...pron. Leh - ROYS. Never Lee - Roys. IT ARE CAJUN , ah garontee. Thibodeaux , Fais Do Do. I remember , The Leroi Bros. played once in Chicago after I moved here , it was in '88. The Rockabillies did'nt know what to make of 'em. When Evan Johns played here shortly afterward , he really broke their brains , opening with "Telstar" thru a Marshall amp. Lerois were very good that night. Particularly on "Crazy Crazy Lovin'" and "Don't Slander Me'' sung by Speedy Sparks. A lot of Texas bands , before Horton Heat played here , got mixed responses. Teddy and The Tall Tops almost played here ,but their van broke down. Then , T.Tex Edwards came down and really fucked shit up. Gracias , amigos.