Sunday, August 29, 2010

VIDEO: Stan Ridgway " Neon Mirage " (A video by John Trivisonno)


Stan Ridgway " Neon Mirage " / from the album Neon Mirage

A video by John Trivisonno - an old neon signs collage ! For a tune from Ridgway's new album "NEON MIRAGE" - more here: Stan writes on this guitar instrumental from his website: " Morricone and Alessandroni, Dick Dale, Duane Eddy, Jeff Beck and so many others have used the electric guitar in place of a singing voice. By that I mean that the melodies played by the guitar could just as well be sung if there were words - that's how close they sound to seemingly saying something profound and not just "riffing." They speak. I love the guitar and this piece was inspired by folks like them and their music.) ...more on the song: "Like something you think you see, and are drawn to, but aren't sure if it's real or not. But you know the journey to find the Truth of what it is will be long and filled with great sacrifice. And it may take much longer than you think. Then, what if we do finally get there and it's like Gertrude Stein said of an unfortunate Bayside city, "There is no there, there"?! Or, upon arriving where you'd seen it last, it suddenly jumps out in front again, miles and miles away and out of reach. Is it playing with us? True victory is not always measured in my mind by material possessions, or awards, or money. Victory can also be just as much the quest itself - an end in itself. And the end becomes the beginning. Onward march to victory. Even if it is just a mirage. We've already won." - website: purchase link:

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