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whatevershebringswesing: Tales of Kevin Ayers



From Canterbury to Cambridge via the oddest detours.

This group celebrates a myriad of musical english eccentrics (retired, semi-retired and hyperactive) and their international fellow travellers: Kevin Ayers, Daevid Allen, Robert Wyatt, Syd Barrett, Richard Sinclair, Robert Calvert, Robyn Hitchcock, Kevin Coyne, Eno, Howard Devoto, Julian Cope, Morrissey, Nick Drake, Roy Harper, John Martyn, Bridget St. John, Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill... they all have their place here. 

So do many more. 

In fact, pretty much whatevershebringswesing

"This song is dedicated to a retired english eccentric called Syd Barrett" 

... Kevin Ayers introducing 'Oh! Wot a Dream' at the Banana Follies.

percy_the_ratcatcher wrote:

Inevitably, when Kevin Ayers is discussed, sooner or later one of these tales will emerge

1. Kev seduced John Cale's wife (Miss Cindy of the GTOs) on May 31st / June 1st 1974. Cale particularly resented it because he thought Kev was predatory when Cindy was fragile.

2. Kev stole Richard Branson's wife. Or swapped her. From the Independent: "In his autobiography Branson tells how he lost his first wife, Kristen, to the rock star Kevin Ayers, as the result of a wife-swapping party. Described, inevitably, in yesterday's Adultery News, the setting was his 'romantic houseboat in London's Little Venice. Cushions were scattered on the floor. The scene was set for swapping and seduction.' And, apparently, alliteration. Nevertheless, all readers of Adultery News now know to avoid houseboats with floor cushions. So Richard went off with Kevin's Cyrille, leaving Kirsten behind. And Kirsten and Kevin subsequently fell in love, went off together and had a child, a drug problem and a divorce. Richard spent a few years trying to entice her back, and failed."

3. Kev had an affair with Nico.

4. Remour: Kev could be Damon Albarn's dad.

There you go, got them all out of the way in one post !

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Andy 7 said...

Sounds like a great club. Not a big Ayers fan but I like "Joy of A Toy" a great deal.