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Sink Full Of Dishes: NICK DRAKE Discography

Sink Full Of Dishes

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NICK DRAKE Discography

      So, there must be dozens of Nick Drake discographies in various forms around the internet…here’s one more. The links below lead to various other blogs and web pages, some of which have passwords for downloaded files. I recommend that you have a good pop-up blocker and anti-virus software installed!
A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake [documentary] Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4Part 5
Nick Drake: A Stranger Among Us [documentary] Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Milky Way [1999 Volkswagen Cabriolet commercial with "Pink Moon"]
Discography (1) (2)
Tablature (1) (2)
1970 – Bryter Layter (Info)
1971 – Nick Drake (Info)
1972 – Pink Moon (Info)
1979 – Fruit Tree (Info)
1985 – Heaven In A Wild Flower: An Exploration Of Nick Drake (Info)
1986 – Time Of No Reply (Info)
1992 – Tamworth (Info)
2004 – A Treasury (Info)
2007 – Family Tree (Info)
2007 – The Pick Of The Fruit Tree (Info)
1971 – Various Artists – Interplay One:
      Vivian Fowler – “Full Fathom Five”
      Robert Kirby – “With A Swag All On My Shoulder”
      Vivian Fowler – “I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again”
      “The Commissioner, He Come”
      “Dark And Devil Waters”
     Since there are so many releases containing the 1967-1968 home recordings, I suggest consulting a fairly good listing for comparison purposes.
Bootleg Collection: The Complete Home Recordings; The Ultimate Rarities Vol.1&2; Time Has Told Me Vol.1&2; Tanworth in Arden Vol.1&2; Second Grace (Info)
Nature’s Son (Info)
Saturday Sun (Work Tapes) (Info)
Second Grace: Home Recordings Of Alternate Versions And Unreleased Songs (Info)
The Tanworth-In-Arden Home Recordings Vol.2 (Info)
Time Has Told Me Volume Two (Info) (Art)
The Ultimate Rarities Volume 1 (Info)
The Ultimate Rarities Volume 2 (Info)
1988 – Scott Appel – Nine of Swords (Kicking Mule; 1995, Schoolkids Records) (Info) (Info 2)
1992 – Various Artists – Brittle Days: A Tribute To Nick Drake (Imaginary Records)
2002 – Various Artists – Five Leaves Theft: Musical Notes of Nick Drake’s First Album (Info)
2004 – Various Artists – Poor Boy: Songs Of Nick Drake (Info)
2007 – Christopher O’Riley – Second Grace: The Music of Nick Drake (Info)
2011 – Jason Parker Quartet – Five Leaves Left: A Jazz Tribute To Nick Drake (work-in-progress)


bsk said...

Good grief! That's some impressive research.

Stella Smith said...

Wow, great list! I love Nick Drake and his beautiful haunting melodies, I’ve been hunting to find someone contemporary who’s similar so I can actually go to his gigs, I just read in Mojo magazine about James McArthur, they compare his stuff to Pink Moon so I downloaded the album and I love it, its mesmerising. The albums called Burnt Moth and its really Nick Drakey with amazing guitar playing and it’s definitely worth checking out.