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Iggy The Eskimo at the Exhibition

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The Church of Iggy the Inuit


Iggy at the Exhibition

Those that have been living on planet Magrathea for the past
couple of months may not have been aware that Thursday, 17th of March
2011 was a great day in the life for a Barrett-fan.

The long awaited book 'Barrett',
apparently nobody attempts to use a combination of Madcap or Crazy
any more, which is a good thing, was launched with a
mega-party and exhibition at Idea
, London.

The Church will review the definitive visual companion to the life of
Syd Barrett in the weeks to come so for the moment you have to content
yourself with the message that it is a splendiferous (and heavy... and
pricey) work of art... and love.

Attending the launch were Anthony Stern, Aubrey "Po" Powell, Captain
Sensible, Dark Globe, David Gale, Duggie Fields, Graham Coxon, Ian
Barrett, Irene Winsby, Jenny Spires, John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, Libby
Gausden, Mark Blake, Miles, Philip James, Rosemary Breen, Vic Singh,
Warren Dosanjh and many others... enough to make a Pink Floyd aficionado

But for the Church the star of the evening undoubtedly was a woman of
international mystery... and here are some pictures of her:


(picture grabbed from A
Fleeting Glimpse

Libby Gausden and Iggy
Libby and Iggy

(picture grabbed from Paul

Ian Barrett, Iggy and Captain Sensible
Ian Barrett, Iggy and Captain Sensible

(picture grabbed from Captain

Duggie Fields and Iggy

Duggie Fields and Iggy

(picture grabbed from Jenny Spires)

Brian Wernham and Iggy

(picture grabbed from Brian Wernham)

Iggy has some fun with the paparazzi

(pictures grabbed from Red

Where is Iggy?
and who else can you recognise on this picture?

(pictures grabbed from sydbarrettbook)

Some answers:
Antonio Jesús: "The tall guy in brown is Warren
Mark Jones: "Duggie Fields."
Spires: "Nigel Gordon and Jimmie Mickelson, Will Shutes and Viv's
nephew, Kieren and his partner..."
Libby Gausden Chisman: "Roe
Barrett and her husband Paul Breen, Buster and his partner who used to
come swimming with Dave Gilmour and me at Jesus Green swimming pool in

One of our brethren told the Reverend afterwards:

I saw Iggy at the launch yesterday. She did very well, considering it
was her first public appearance. She had a legion of female admirers so
she was happy, and people were thrilled to meet her.

It was a night of Happy

The Church wishes to thank: Antonio Jesús, Mark Blake, Libby Gausden
Chisman, Dark Globe, Mark Jones, Jenny Spires, Brian Wernham and the
beautiful people at Late Night and Facebook.
♥ Iggy ♥

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