Friday, December 25, 2009

Chuck Carlson - "Hominy Grits" (from SOME LOCAL LOSER)

One of my recent discoveries is the SOME LOCAL LOSER blog. Mission statement: "Ripping records that I find at the goodwill, yard sales, and record shows. I especially seek music unavailable on cd, and do my best to post music unavailable elsewhere on the internet. If someone else has done a blog or a torrent with the music, you probably won't see it here."


Chuck Carson

The VFW in Minneapolis hosts a record show once every 8 weeks, which I try to attend. Just average people and dealers selling their collections, some of them bring portable turntables which is very convenient and adds to the atmosphere. It also sparks conversations. So I was going through a box of 45s and listening to the ones I thought might be good, and found one by Chuck Carson. I had never heard of him, but by the sound of the title, it sounded like country. So I put it on, and a woman standing behind me spoke up and said "hey, that's my dad!" Turns out Chuck was from Minnesota and she started relating some of his story to us. She had come to look for his records, wanting to eventually put out a cd of his songs. Who knows how she happened to be standing behind me at the exact moment I was listening to that record. I usually don't even listen to all of the song, so it is even more unlikely that it happened the way it did. I told her about this blog and that I would love to post the record, if she would allow it. So we exchanged emails and information and voila, here is the record for all to listen. She asked me not to post it for download, so I'm afraid all you can do is listen. But who's to stop you from listening a hundred times?!

The pictures she sent me, as you can tell, are fantastic. I was blown away by the picture with Elvis. Pretty cool to have a picture of your dad with Elvis. Not everyone has one of those in their family album. She also sent an article from a newsletter, about his life and times. In the newsletter, if you look closely you'll see on the side a picture of a bunch of singers on stage. One of them is Hurricane Barb Huber, who I posted about 3 months ago.

As you can see, the record was put out by the Gaity label, based out of Mpls. I'm told they're rare, but I got this one for 3 bucks.

Here's a link to image scans of the article (2 pages = 2 images)

Hominy Grits

b/w Laughing Girl


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