Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Last Newspaper Reader

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leg⋅man/ˈlɛgˌmæn, -mən/–noun, 1. Journalism. a reporter who gathers information by visiting news sources or by being present at news events. Origin:1920–25. Americanism 2. legman LA- A New Yorker displaced by the hellish nightmare Rudy wrought offers street reportage from the planet's creative capital. I still don't get it, but I'm trying

The Last Newspaper Reader

“They’re just a bunch of squares up there. No one goes out, the scene is dead. My friends stay home and watch tv” the old newspaper man says, spilling his disappointment after returning from a road trip north to Marin County. “Used to be a bunch of wonderful towns. Now I wouldn’t live in any one of them.” Dick can fix your script for you, make it nice for when you get the meeting at the studio. But most of his life he’d been an ink stained wretch, chirped about music and the arts in broadsheets like the San Francisco Chronicle. When Charles Bukowski was shacked up in San Francisco, the two met. “My girlfriend wanted to photograph him, so he invited us to dinner at his house. He was surprisingly polite, but he was more interested in her than me. And he was a wonderful cook. He made us chicken Sauternes. Absolutely delicious. That was a surprise too.” Dick keeps shaking his head over the vanished bohemia alive in his memories. “I got to get back to New York sometime.”
We tell him New York City is gone too, that’s the point of our blog. No more rice and bean joints on the Upper West, no pool hall or ping pong academy. All Starbucks and Rite Aid and blockbuster down Broadway, same crap shops as the rest of the country. “The chess shop in the village? That is history too.” Dick is incredulous, shakes that head, turns back to his paper.
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