Thursday, January 14, 2010

rare Bukowski scan from OUI magazine 1981


insomnia13 at the Charles Bukowski - American author forum posted this gem:

hi forum, long-time lurker, first-time poster here, so forgive me if a- this is misplaced, and b- against forum rules, but i recently was fortunate enough to come into possession of a piece on Bukowski, in an old "gentleman's" magazine. i searched the net to see if it had been shared anywhere, and since it wasnt/isnt, i thought maybe i could share it here with others who have appreciation for all things Bukowski...

from the september 1981 edition OUI adult/men's magazine, with the cover reading "Bukowski - so how can we keep ignoring the king of wild-hair poets", an article based on Joe Wolberg's book (not yet released at the time) "Bukowski Talking":

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GenericPlacebo said...

On Life & Eight-hour Jobs...
So true
Now i feel like i need a drink, even though i woke up early again.
Somehow it is obvious to me that he read Celine.

Thnx 4 th post!