Thursday, October 14, 2010

Queen Bee BBQ Barbecue - SO GOOD!

I'd heard some of these Queen Bee BARQ spots many times over the years...
But here are SIX of 'em all together on one U-Tube from Mr. Braindead3XL!!!

Queen Bee BBQ Barbecue - SO GOOD!

In the mid 1980's, Texas Radio Personality "Harley David" Belew created a series of humorous radio commercials for the fictitious fast-food restaurant, Queen Bee Barbecue (pronounced: "babbycue"). The commercials were created around 1985 while Harley was employed at radio station KSBJ in Humble, Texas. They were recorded in the production facility of this radio station using royalty-free stock production music, over which Harley vocalized an impromptu radio jingle using some of his many character voices.

The Queen Bee Barbecue commercials have received nationwide airplay on many local and syndicated radio programs, but the legendary friend-to-friend distribution method of these elusive radio spots generally overshadows the public broadcast of this material.


1: The Original Queen Bee Barbecue Radio Commercial
2: Queen Bee Barbecue Drive Thru Window
3: Queen Bee Barbecue All Night Service
4: Queen Bee Mexican Menu
5: Queen Bee Chittlin' Pita Supreme
6: Queen Bee Breakfast

More Queen Bee Barbecue goodness awaits in part 2 of this series!

(via Gentleman John)

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