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VA - Diggin' Down Argentina: Nuggets From The Rioplatense Scene, 1969-75 [Crazy Apple Boutique, 2010]

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VA - Diggin' Down Argentina: Nuggets From The Rioplatense Scene, 1969-75 [Crazy Apple Boutique, 2010]

A1. Bosques - Heya
A2. Dynamita - Toma Tu Tiempo
A3. Los Fantasmas Ei - Precio De La Vida
A4. Gipsys - Kamasutra
A5. Caballo Vapor - Busco El Sol No Se Adonde Voy
A6. Kon Tiki - Viaje Al Ayer [Turn Back Time]
A7. Brujos - Ese Dinero

B1. Gipsys - Oh! Malala
B2. Wooky Toky - Pero Hay Una Melena
B3. Los Barbaros - Zoom Zoom Zoom
B4. Victoria - Helena, Vivio Solo Un Dia
B5. Them - Tiempos Cambiantes
B6. Asfalto - No Se Que Pensar
B7. Jarabe De Menta - Con El Sol En El Bolsillo
B8. Little Green Men - Para Ti Lilian [For You Lilian]
'An exciting and eclectic collection of wild garage and psychedelia from Argentina and the so-called Rioplatense scene. Consisting on mostly original tracks from 1969 to the early 70s, all taken from very obscure 45s (some of them with only less than a handful existing known copies) that have been lost for decades, and never reissued until now. This is the first compilation entirely dedicated to the little-known underground Argentinean movement, even more for that specific region.

Infectious Hammond organs, lots of distorted fuzz guitars, raw-throated vocals.Includes the wildest "Heya" cover version ever by Bosques, over the top heavy psych by Gipsys and Dynamita, hard-psych-funk by Caballo Vapor, exotic Rubble styled psych by Kon-Tiki, Music Machine styled organ-garage by Brujos, bizarre freakbeat-fuzz by Wooky Toky, trashy psych-rock by Them, killer garage-beat by Asfalto, Jarabe de Menta and Los Fantasmas and more! A strongly recommended release for collectors and anyone else searching for new hyper-sounds for their dancing parties!

Features carefully remastered sound and includes a superb 4 page insert in English with detailed liner notes on each band and rare pictures. Comes in a gorgeous full colour cover printed in high quality, reverse printed carton.'
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know you can't keep up & the troof is, neither can i. could too much musical awareness ever be a negative thang? natch i had to find & share this joint cuz it's my chit, yknow? lower bits than ya might be accustomed [160] but sounds stellar in my humbleness. even managed to scrounge the highly informative booklet. evil

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