Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Cramps tribute in Rock Hardi #38

Patrick Bainée from the Staysick Yahoo group at: shared this...

Latest issue of French zine Rock Hardi features a kinda Cramps tribute CD, stuff like "Fever" by Dominic Sonic, "Spongebob / Underwater Sun" by Candy Band and an awsome lisergic version of "The Band That Time Forgot" by the Primevals, attached.

Attached too an interview with Mickey Rooney in which he explains why the Primevals chose that song - our man Lindsay brought their attention on that song ...

Get the mag here or at their my space (money transfer, they don't take Paypal)
www.rockhardi. com

Rock Hardi # 38
Dossier : Gun Club. Interviews : Dominic Sonic, Serge Clerc, Wayward Gentlewomen, Jack O. Leroy, Kent, The Noisettes, The Micragirls, Non!, Jellyfuzz, Wonky Monkees, Hurly Burlies. Candy Band. The Clash (nouvelle inédite de Jean-Luc Manet). Et toujours les rubriques disques, BD, livres, polars, fanzines... et la compilation CD Grand Prix Vol. 6 avec Dominic Sonic, The Primevals (Cramps Tribute), The Micragirls, Wonky Monkees, Non!, Hurly Burlies, Jack O. Leroy (feat. Kevin K), Candy Band, The Skeptics, Jellyfuzz.
Sortie : 1er septembre 2009.
Le n° + le CD : 7 euros (port compris)

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