Sunday, September 13, 2009

jim carroll talks aspirin 1991 + Praying Mantis

Never Get Out Of The Boat!

Jim Carroll - Praying Mantis (1991)
Spoken Word From The Late Poet/Singer
Recorded live at St. Mark's Church, NYC. Worth owning just to hear Carroll's "Tiny Tortures" - a wicked recollection of JC's one night as a 17 year old performance artist. Jim Carroll died of a heart attack yesterday, September 13th. (@320)

Fragment: Little N.Y. Ode (0:24)
A Day At The Races (4:23)
Times Square's Cage (2:05)
A Child Growing Up With The Sun (1:54)
Tiny Tortures (11:25)
To The National Endowment Of The Arts (1:48)
Terrorist Trousers (2:36)
Monologue: The Loss Of American Innocence (13:42)
For Elizabeth (2:33)
Sampling Nietzsche (0:33)
Just Visiting (5:51)
Praying Mantis (1:22)
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