Monday, September 14, 2009

'Lucifer Sam's long lost twin: 'In Thee Midnight' by the Thee Midnighters

julianindica from the Laughing Madcaps Yahoo group at: offers this for all us know-it-all's...

'Lucifer Sam's long lost twin: 'In Thee Midnight' by the Thee Midnighters

I don't even know if this qualifies as garage rock, its surfing the astral cusp- SCREAMING echoing guitar licks, SIIIIICK organ, MANIACAL drums. If you don't download this you are DEAD.

BTW Goddam, you're all stupid, everyone knows Brazillians invented psychedelia.

Os Mutantes were already munching ayahuasca and recording psych-out overloads by 1963. They were sci-fi space rock in 1964. They were in space before Syd or Quicksilver or Jimi, they were rattling non-musical instruments before Tommy used a jug for anything other wine spo-de-o-dee. They were teenagers and they were giving Sun Ra's Space Arkestra a run for their money in sheer inventiveness.

They were using backwards loops and oscillators by 1965. They were doing 20-minute brain damage odysseys when Roky was in the Spades and the Pink Floyd were playing blues covers in a wine bar.

Os Mutantes had stinging fuzz freak out guitar riffs shrieking with distortion while Jeff Beck was still playing 'Nursery Rhyme' in the Tridents.

And if Os Mutantes didn't invent psych, then Screamin' Lord Sutch invented heavy metal.

That fucker had Jeff Beck,Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore doing feedback,fuzz and distortion before John Lennon or Ray Davies even knew what a Vox AC30 was, much less a fuzz pdeal, and at the same time as Buddy Guy.

Screamin' Lord Sutch had more occult references than 30 Roky bootleg singles. He was more diabolical than Screamin'Jay Hawkins.

He invented death rock. He wore eyeshadow and sang about murderers and had long hair before anyone. He freaked out all the chicks. Scared the chicks into loving him.

Screamin'Lord Sutch and the Savages invented heavy metal.

Screamin' Lord Sutch wrote the goddamn script for Arthur Brown, Syd, Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Death and Slipknot. Nobody else was looming at the lip of the stage like Jack the Ripper leading the Orcs until this fella.

You're all motorheads over here at laughingmadcaps, nasty scuzzy garage-y hippies, and you waffle on about Pretty Things 'Parachute' and Alice Cooper and Hendrix, and you don't even give props to Screamin' Lord Sutch. WTF?

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JulianIndica said...

God, I think I drank 8 espressos that day. Then I worked 8 hours outside in 100 degree Texas summer heat. The caffeine backed up from my kidneys into my brain. My reasoning was sorely affected. I am an utter and total asshole, but I stand by at least 62.3% of what I said there.