Thursday, March 5, 2009


Lux Interior, frontman and founding member of the legendary garage-punk band the Cramps passed away suddenly on February 4th in California.

Lux formed the Cramps in New York in 1976 with his wife, guitarist and ultimate bad girl, Poison Ivy. The band put its own demented spin on punk, blending campy B-movie and exploitation film sensibilities with southern fried rockabilly roots and surf-music spawned from the black leather lagoon.

Lux and Ivy often visited Johnny Ramone and his wife Linda at their home in CA and shared common interests in music and cult film culture.

A memorial service is being planned for Lux that will be deeply private and at an undisclosed location. We must stress that respect for total privacy and undisturbed solitude is of the utmost importance during this extremely difficult time. Instead of flowers, a donation may be made in Lux’s honor to his favorite charity, Best Friends Animal Society.

Our thoughts go out to Ivy and the JRA salutes the inimitable Lux Interior, a true legend and punk pioneer that will never be forgotten.

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L-to-R: Poison Ivy, Linda Ramone, Paul Zone and Lux Interior

L-to-R Lux Interior, John Frusciante and Eddie Vedder

L-to-R: Ivy & Lux


mskrit said...

If we start having barbecues again will Lux come back from the dead to nibble on some shrimp? That'd be swell. I hope he got to take his shirts to the afterlife.

Ruckus Dean said...

Lux was an amazing madman and had one the greatest voices in Rock ...Surely underrated too .. I miss the him and Poison Ivy and the Cramps .. Genuine bad taste never tasted so good ..