Friday, May 1, 2009

Magazine "Pre Real Life DEMO"


Magazine "Pre Real Life DEMO"

Howard Devoto and the boys were one of post punks most brilliant bands. Mere words cannot describe the shear brilliance and soul power that emanates from every groove off every track. Particularly off their first 3 albums. I could literally go on for pages about how great this band is. We all know that Howard Devito was the original singer for the Buzzcocks, but would truly become the legend in Magazine that he so rightly is. With badass Barry A. on bass guitar, there was some serious rhythms and some serious songs being written here. Even dare I say musicianship. With songs like "The Light Pours Out Of Me" even being covered by Ministry, among other numerous bands. Magazine have paid their dues to society, now it's time for us to pay our dues to the man. Off with their heads! These recordings are the demos for the first album "Real Life" and are totally unreleased.
Mandatory Listen: "Real Life LP" / "Secondhand Daylight" / "The Correct Use Of Soap" Go out and get this now!

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Is it possible to repost this?
I can't ask PunkNotProfit.

T. Tex Edwards said...

I checked PNP's original post & the link no longer works. Maybe he'll run it again sometime if he hasn't been requested to remove it by the band or their representatives...