Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Pokii" by James Williamson

(Here are some interesting sounds from James Williamson)

"This will take you to a work in progress called "Pokii" which means little sister in Hawaiian. I recorded it to give the readers of my Fretboard Journal article (Winter edition) an idea of what this Weissenborn Spanish Neck Guitar sounds like (pictured in my profile)." - James Williamson (on his Facebook page)

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The Stash Dauber said...

i think it's a kick that in recent years, james has gotten into slack-key gtr. i interviewed him for the i-94 bar 10 yrs ago and since then have received countless inquiries from ppl who wanted his contact info (which i lost a few computer crashes/files purges ago). the last time i heard from him was right after 9/11, when he (a father himself now) sent me some info on how to talk to kids about the tragedy. i don't make pilgrimages to see bands anymore (nervebreakers excepted), but i'd at least _think about_ traveling to see the stooges with him playing "raw power."