Thursday, May 14, 2009

MC5 - Black To Comm

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Thursday, 14 May 2009
MC5 - Black To Comm

The MC5 gig at The Sturgis Armoury in June 1968 has been released in parts on various bootlegs and anthologies but this 14 track CD is I believe the only one that captures the whole show, which was recorded on a reel to reel tape player through the P.A. The sound quality is rough to say the least, but the passion and power are pure. When it was released by Receiver Records in 1994 it was the first time that the track Black To Comm had been heard on disc. In the words of John Sinclair it was the bands “ultimate expression which combinined the roughest of riffs, the loudest of power chords with the most spontaneous of improvised lyrics and a plethora of barely controlled feedback, an expression of the bands deepest feelings of rage and rebellion and love and regeneration.” Kick Out The Jams Mutha Fuckers!

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