Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Good Borrowed Images For The Weekend

From Bacchus/ErosBlog:
Many people can, I am sure, just enjoy the beauty of this vintage nude postcard:But if you’ve ever been in a parental role with respect to a small child in a restaurant, you’re probably thinking an entirely different set of thoughts: “Sit down! No, not like that! If your butt is not touching the cushion, you’re not sitting! Butt on the seat, feet on the floor. How many times do I have to tell you?”

From Tom Sutpen:
The Art of Pop #39
Hey . . . Let Yourself Go! - (Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra) - (Capitol Records; 1957)

From Mick Farren/DOC 40:
As a departure from out usual pervert cynicism, click here for something that’s simply nice. (And nicer when you’re high.) Supplied by Marjorie, who passes on the startling information that “all 21 of the dancers are complete deaf-mutes, relying only on signals from trainers at the four corners of the stage.”
John Michell --RIP

From Tom Sutpen:
Ben Shahn's American Life #27 - The Red Stairway (1944)

From The Chicago Tribune:,0,
(Getty photo by Sean Gallup / January 15, 2006)
Karl Szmolinsky, who raises a breed of rabbits called giant grays, shows Robert, an 8.5kg giant gray who is 74cm long and has ears 25.5cm long, in the backyard of his house in Eberswalde, Germany in 2006. Szmolinsky sold eight giant grays to a delegation from North Korea that wanted to raise the breed as a source of meat for the North Korean population. Szmolinsky said his rabbits reach a maximum weight of 10.5 kg (23.1lbs.).

From Mick Farren/DOC 40:

From Heathcliff:

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