Monday, May 4, 2009

Yet A Few More Good Borrowed Images

Venus Flytrap: Big Mouth variety

From it's deadlicious™:

The Spotnicks

From Mexican Chocolate Design:

John Fante & his dog named Stupid:

From jovan radakovich:

"I wish at any cost to be alone," said the statue with the eternal look.
Wind, wind that cools my burning cheeks. And the terrible battle began.
Broken heads fell, and skulls shone as if they were of ivory.
Flee, flee toward the square and radiant city. Behind, devils whip me
with all their might. My calves bleed horribly. Oh the sadness of the lonely
statue down there. Beatitude.
And never any sun. Never the yellow consolation of the lighed earth.
It desires.
It loves its strange soul. It has conquered.
And now the sun has stopped, high in the center of the sky.
And in everlasting happiness the statue immerses its soul in the
contemplation of its shadow.

Giorgio de Chirico 1912

From North Folk Sound:

Ivy Rorschach, Lux Interior
N. Edgemont St, Los Angeles
photo: ht

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