Monday, June 14, 2010

Bitten Nails Design & Illustration: Edward Gorey – The Recently Deflowered Girl

Edward Gorey – The Recently Deflowered Girl

These scans showed up today and I just had to post them. My mother-in-law was a good friend of Edward’s and I’ve always adored his illustrations since my wife introduced me to his work when we were in San Francisco, both of us going to Art College’s and I was studying illustration.

I never got to meet him personally, he was too old and frail by the time I got to the Cape in 1999, and did not venture out much. I remember going to his house the week he passed away, they gave my son a bunch of toys he had left lying around. It was a surreal evening, getting a tour of his house, it was quite bare, the furniture had mostly been removed and it was a dark cape evening, one kind of still felt a presence in the house.

It’s been converted into a lovely museum now. My sister-in-law is a dedicated collector of all his work, she’s going to love these! The book is out of print, but are still available via Powells or Amazon at crazy prices, of course.

These scans are via: Bo Baily from his/hers live journal page, to quote: “I found this book on my friend’s 84-year-old landlord’s bookshelf. Published in 1965 with illustrations by Edward Gorey.”

Click here to view the scans, it’s not the entire book, just a few pages:

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