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VIDEO: Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man (Syd Barrett)


Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man (Syd Barrett)

Verruckt89  February 18, 2009 — PLEASE READ: This is the original 'Vegetable Man' video made by me. There is another 'Vegetable Man' video on YouTube, which is the same video, this was taken by user, 'progthrust'. Just check the dates and you'll see I'm the creator of this video. I've tried to talk to this person to take down my video off their channel, but they refuse to. I know that the footage and audio doesn't belong to me, but since it had taken alot of time and effort to create, I don't like other people taking credit for my re-edit work.

This is my last Pink Floyd music video, and once again I've used another unreleased track intended for the second Pink Floyd album, 'A Saucerful Of Secrets'. 'Vegetable Man' was written by Syd Barrett in 1967 and recorded around the same time as 'Jugband Blues'. Barrett who had been the leading force behind the band since the mid 60's, now became unstable due to the pressures of touring, countless TV appearances and studio recordings. Things continued to get worse as Barrett took large quantities of LSD which made him completely non-functional, this worried the band as he was the main composer.

As time moved on, the pressure increased on Barrett to write material for the new album, while he continued to write, most songs were rejected by the band (some of these songs would eventually turn up on Barrett's first solo album, 'The Madcap Laughs'), but they attempted a few of his new compositions. These songs included, 'Vegetable Man, Scream Thy Last Scream, In The Beechwoods, She's A Millionaire and Have You Got It Yet?'

Barrett became even more erratic when attempting to record, 'Have You Got It Yet?', where he would constantly change the structure of the song, which annoyed the band who didn't understand Barrett's idiosyncratic sense of humour, thus the title of song. This was Barrett's last straw, he could not continue on touring or appearing with the band, while negotiations were made for him to write and record only, Barrett was too deeply effected by excessive drug abuse, so he was let go from the band.

The footage was ultilized from two sources, 'Arnold Layne - Alternate Promo, 1967' and 'Syd Barrett: Crazy Diamond - BBC One, 2001'.

I do not own the copyright for the audio or vision. This is a fan edit done under the 'fair use' provision laws.


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