Saturday, June 5, 2010

VIDEOS: Linda King's sister on Buk



Linda King's physical strength in dealing with Charles Bukowski

GerryKing40  October 13, 2009 — Scott Hall is my sister Linda King's youngest son who did this interview on his mom's 5 year relationship with Charles Bukowski, the poet and novelist of some renown. She was strong as hell, so he did not bully her very much. She has got a temper, too, so things could get fiery fast! But he inspired her to sculpture one of her greatest busts of him and he turned her loose to write poetry for years after. Sculpturing clay takes strength!




Bukowski dead can still terrorize

emdedoc  October 24, 2009 — Gerry, communicator to the dead, reveals she was terrorized driving Charles Bukowski and sister Linda King home from a party on the LA freeway. Bukowski had just entertained the party goers by peeing in the house plants. No doubt, the hostess was so happy she put a little sign on each plant, 'peed on by Bukowski'. It was southern California, what is the big deal?

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