Thursday, June 3, 2010

VIDEOS: Kinks docs

Kinks documentary

foolockjaw  November 21, 2006 — Interesting doc


"Dave talking about the time he went visiting Ray after his breakdown. Soooooo cute! Dave does not diserve Ray as a brother haha."



the kinks part 1

fis085  September 28, 2007 — story of the band 1 of 3


the kinks part 2 of 3


the kinks part 3 of 3



Kinks Biography Part1

BioKinks  December 14, 2008 — Kinks Biography Part1


Kinks Biography Part2


Kinks Biography Part3


Kinks Biography Part4


Kinks Biography Part5


Kinks Biography Part6



The Kinks Discography 1964 - 1984





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