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Inner Peace: Your Simple Guide

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Inner Peace: Your Simple Guide

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A smile is the beginning of peace.

- Mother Teresa
inner peace

Do you wish you were more peaceful inside? Maybe you need peace of mind when making an important decision. Maybe you need peace to help you get over things from your past. Maybe you need peace to get over anxiety and frustration that you are feeling inside.

If you do not feel peaceful inside then you are not balanced and you can’t find inner serenity until you make peace with yourself.

Just recently I had a small problem with my online business. My income has dropped and none of my new projects were doing any good. My first thought “Oh, no! What shall I do? What if my entire business falls apart? What should I do?” I had lost my peace of mind for a few days and I was frantically searching for solutions and working almost day and night (working during the day and dreaming about work at night, this is how bad it was.)

Nothing was bringing me any joy and of course my family was the ones who suffered the most in this situation. I am not even talking about my body that had declared a strike by giving me aches and pains in any possible part of it.

Thankfully this silly rat race lasted only for a few days. I remembered what is really important in my life and found my peace of mind again (and I am going to tell you how in a few seconds.)

  1. Realization

    First of all you have to realize that you have lost your peace of mind. Here are some of the most common examples (though there are hundreds more):

    • you start judging everybody else around you and finding faults in them;

    • being impatient and irritable all the time;

    • exploding over little things;

    • giving way to addictions and temptations: alcohol, drugs and even food (if the only thing that will give you temporary peace of mind is chocolate cake with a pint of ice-cream on top of it – you are in trouble);

    • start looking for peace in all the wrong places: selfishness, obsession with material values;

    • jealousy and envy starts eating you from the inside out;

    • you lose trust in everybody and in yourself;

    • you feel like you are walking on the edge of an abyss in the darkness and every step you make just brings you closer to falling.

  1. Find your core belief

    Like you probably know already I find my strength in my faith in God. I understand that not everybody shares my beliefs but this is the only path I am taking. So far every bad thing that has happened in my life has led me to something better that I was not even expecting (I know it sounds counter-intuitive.)

    Even if you are not on the same page with me about my beliefs I highly recommend that you develop your spirituality in general. Spiritual beliefs give you the answers to why something is happening and help you realize that you do not always have to be in control. The spiritual path is long and unpredictable, you never know where you will end up in the end (this is the exciting part of it.)
  1. For peace of mind resign as general manager of the universe. ~Larry Eisenberg

    If you trust only in yourself and act like you are the general manager of the universe then of course every little thing will tick you off.

    There are things that we cannot control and there are things that each of us are not very good at. There are situations when the only thing that can get you through is knowing that there is some divine plan and you are an important part of that plan.

    Learn to ask for help and support when you need them, admit that you are not a superhuman and accept yourself for who you really are. You are only responsible for being you and for doing the best you can with the amazing potential that you have.
  1. Live in the present

    Living in the present and practicing mindfulness does not mean that you throw away your past and completely ignore your future. It means that you savor your life right now and you are grateful for being alive today.

    One really good man was working all his life providing for his family and getting ready for tomorrow. He seemed like a really good guy: he worked hard, then he worked even harder, he saved a lot, he was extremely financially savvy, he made sure that his family had everything they needed. However all he could think about was how to grow his business so that he could retire at 65 and finally taste the good life. He died of a heart attack at 45. Do you think he knew what inner peace was? I bet he will never find out.
  1. Tame your ego

    Ego is like a horse. If you can learn to ride it then it will be your best friend. If you let it go wild – it will take off like a rocket and then destroy you somewhere along the road. People with overblown egos are not fun to be with, they are not respectful and they cannot be relied on. While that person can think that he/she is the center of the universe still deep inside this just a lonely lost soul. It is a soul that I am very sympathetic with.

    The other day I got a very rude and vulgar comment. I was expecting some controversy on my post The Question I was Scared to Ask and I like a smart debate with a respectful opponent. I have deleted the comment (actually three really long ones from one person) because I do not allow that kind of language on my blog. Anyway, I am not judging that person even though I completely do not agree with his opinion. But I could feel that this person didn’t have inner peace. Why? Only when you are scared to look inside of yourself you waste your time by finding faults or arguing with others disrespectfully. If I saw that guy/man in person I would just smile and walk away. This is the closest taste of peace I could give him.
  1. Clean up your life

    I can’t stress it enough how important it is to have a clean and balanced environment. People you communicate with, things you do in life, things you buy even foods you eat (read more on how to clean up your lifestyle.) Peace of mind is a very clean and pure state and it just cannot survive in a trash pit.

Peace of mind is not something you can buy or train for. It is a state of your soul that allows you to be the best human you can be (note: not a superhuman, there is a huge difference) and live a full life that you were meant to have. Do not let this world distract you and rob you off that wonderful feeling of inner calm.

Keep it balanced!


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thom young said...

Interesting question but rather even to ask the question is to admit that being human and having a mind, allows one to do so. There are two routes one can take on this question, the first that all is meaningless and that something came from nothing. Even admitting to that would still be believing in something which is that something came from nothing. The second route is to believe that something came from a higher being or god. With this route, one can only benefit. The former something from nothing crowd have nothing to gain if they are right, after all nothing started something. The latter crowd can benefit because belief in a higher being or god gives one a purpose in life. This crowd has everything to gain because if they are right then their belief proved beneficial. If they were wrong, their life was still purposeful, because they had a purpose in life. The something from nothing crowd had nothing to gain. Since the ones that believed in a higher being had a purpose, let's go with that crowd. The question then becomes where did this belief in a higher being come from. It may have come from inside the person, but that would negate their higher being. Since we can assume there is a higher being based upon their belief, the belief must come from the higher being. This would only strengthen the belief in the higher being, since after all the belief or let's call it faith came from the higher being. In other words, the faith is a gift given from a higher being or god. If faith is a gift, then all other things given from the higher being must be a gift. So it has nothing to do with belief, after all the belief is a gift too. If these gifts are being given, then you can assume getting the gift of faith goes to one crowd and a another gift goes to the other crowd. Their gift is the rejection of belief and faith, although they did not choose this gift it was given. The higher being chose. Ask yourself, which crowd would you rather be in?