Thursday, September 30, 2010

Steve Peregrine Took - Syd's Wine (1972)

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Steve Peregrine Took - Syd's Wine



August 25, 2009

Consisting of selections from a series of fragmentary demo sessions in 1972 financed by former T. Rex manager Tony Secunda, The Missing Link to Tyrannosaurus Rex might not necessarily convince people that Steve Peregrine-Took was a renegade genius overshadowed by Marc Bolan, but in its own way it's a roughly enjoyable listen. The guest performers on the album promise much — Pink Fairies renegades Mick Farren on guitar and bass and Twink the Wonder Kid on drums and Took's erstwhile partner in the obscure Shagrat, Larry Wallis, on guitar, among many others. There are even some random appearances by another drug-ravaged refugee from the '60s — Syd Barrett, credited with guitar and "various noises," likely including turns on the surprisingly sweet "Syd's Wine."


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