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Jimi Hendrix and Jayne Mansfield ULTRA RARE song 1965 SUEY

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December 08, 2008

As The Clouds Drift By. b/w SUEY.

Jimi Hendrix on guitar and bass. Jayne mansfield on Vocals and Douglass "Jocko" Henderson on Drums

Comp: Ed chaplin & Doug Henderson
Rec: Studio 76 (a.k.a. Dimentional Studios) 1650 Broadway, New York City
Between 10/65 and 12/65

From the book "Black Gold: the Lost Archives of Jimi Hendrix" By steven Roby
" Toward the end of 1965, record producer Ed Chaplin brought in his new session guitarist Jimmy Hendrix, to play backup on a single for Jayne Mansfield when her acting career started to fade."

The session took place at the same studio where hendrix recorded many tracks with Curtis Knight
"When I interviewed Chaplin about the Hendrix/ Mansfield single he was surprised that any one knew about Hendrix's involvement
"How did you get that information? I didn't give them permission to use his name."

"Chaplin added that Hendrix was in the studio when Mansfield sang: It's interesting to imagine the two exchanging glances"

"On April 14, 1967 Mansfield attended a Jimi Hendrix Concert in Bolton England"

Jimi Hendrix and Jayne Mansfield ULTRA RARE song 1965 SUEY unheard by most fans

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