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Seduce Your Tastebuds: Chinese Ingredient # 2 Yiner


Chinese Ingredient # 2 Yiner

This is commonly called Snow fungus.Known by the botanical name – Tremella fuciformis belongs to the fungus family.It is also known by the names white tree ear fungus, silver fungus and silver ear Bai Mu Erh, Shirokikurage, Silver Tree-ear, Fungus, White Jelly-leaf, White Muer,Wood Ear Fungus.But the most common name is the Snow fungus.

It is valued for its medicinal properties. The Chinese and the Japanese have been using this as a medicine for more than 2000 years!

•    It is believed to to contain Vitamin C,Iron,Calcium and Phosphorus.

•   The protein in this fungus nourishes the body

•   It also nourishes the lungs, heals dry coughs and clears heat in the lungs. If anyone is susceptible to cold a soup of this fungus and rock sugar strengthens the respiratory system.

•    It lowers the ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol.

•    Protects the liver

•    It prevents the cholesterol from clogging the arteries.

•    It is believed to heal certain cancerous growth

•    Considered to be an anti inflammatory

•    Improves immuno-deficiency.

It also acts as a beauty aid by improving the blood production and circulation thereby giving the skin a moist complexion.

You can get this snow fungus in Chinese store in the dried form which looks like this..It is dry and white and becomes gelatinous when cooked.
It is soaked before cooking and the hard parts are chopped and discarded.

Here is a traditional Chinese soup / dessert called Yiner Hangzao Lianzi Geng that makes use of Yiner .I learnt from my dear friend Ju.Its absolutely delicious and easy to prepare too.
This is a delicious soup / dessert that has Hangzao or red dates[also called chinese date,jujube] and Lianzi or lotus seeds which is a part of Chinese traditional medicine.Red dates strengthens the functions of heart and lung, as well as nourish the stomach and spleen.So you can imagine how delicious and healthy this soup is!!!

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