Monday, September 27, 2010

Roy & Cyril in New Orleans

Roy/Cyril Show Sunday Night@ One Eyed Jacks

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Excellent show, with some tunes that caught everyone there by surprise.
Let's do this list chronologically, since I really can't remember the order everything was in, other than Second Cousin, Comin After Me, Scratch My Back started the show, Teenage Head and Slow Death ended the regular set, and encores were Dr. Boogie, Roadhouse & Jumpin In The Night.

From Sneakers - Golden Clouds

From Supersnazz - First One's Free, Bam Balaam (!!)

From Flamingo - Comin After Me, 2nd Cousin, Sweet Roll Me On Down(!),
Childhood's End (!), Roadhouse

From Teenage Head - Have You Seen My Baby, Teenage Head, Yesterday's Numbers (CJ singing), Evil Hearted Ada, Dr. Boogie, Scratch My Back (TH outtakes) - with Lazy Lester on harp again, this time replicating Slim Harpo's original intro.

Other - Slow Death, Tallahassee Lassie, Shake Some Action (CJ & Ira K. singing), and Jumpin IN The Night

18 songs in all.

Opening act The Jim Jones Revue was incredible! (and very loud) The A-Bones were The A-Bones..... .

Had a chance to talk with Roy briefly Friday night; finally caught up with Cyril tonight after the show. New Magic Christian CD single was available at tonight's show. WIll have to wait til I get home tomorrow (actually later today) to play it.

On the walk back down Bourbon St. to my hotel at 2:30, was accosted by at least half a dozen potential "dates", 4 of whom tried to fondle me......too bad I need some sleep before flying back north - John O..

From Pat Collins: Roy & Cyril Rehearsing w the A-Bones at the hotel Thursday.

From Pat Collins: 

Roy & Cyril

Rehearsing w the A-Bones at the hotel Thursday.

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