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Houston Grows: On baseball and gardening


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Posted 4/5/2010 5:35 PM CDT
To me there is something very comforting about knowing that the baseball season is here and on any given night there is a game being played somewhere, till late at night on the west coast that I find joy in.Baseball to me, mimics the spring and summer growing season. Every team starts off hopeful and full of promise, then some will have a slow start, only to really come on late in the season and win it all. There are some who will start fast then fade as the summer wears on, and there are the ones that will stay strong all season long.So far, in my growing season, the squash started slow, looked dead in the water, then I realized that I had been overwatering it. NOW, it is a deep lush green with lots of new growth. It is on the "hottest winning streak" in the garden.The green beans and snow peas started off really hot but hit a losing slump, again because of overwatering, and they are having to play catch up now.The tomatoes are the Yankees and Red Sox. The perinnial powerhouses that start strong and stay strong all through the season.The "mid level" teams, the lettuce and broccoli raab, aren't expected to do that well, but are becoming suprise darkhorses early in the season.The "expansion teams", the carrots and newly planted strawberries, are just trying to get themselves established right now.About those strawberries......if you read my last post I was searching for blueberries to plant in my worn out Old Smokey grill. Well, I couldn't find any blueberries and I'm not cool with buying online, so I just opted for strawberries instead. I filled the old Smokey with topsoil and compost and put the strawberries in there just to see what they will do. They only last a year so maybe next year I can do my blueberries like I had my heart set on in the first place.A quick word on watering. Container gardening is much different from just sticking something in the ground. You must pay extra attention to how much or how little water you provide your plants. You also have to find that "sweet spot" that gives them just enough , but not too much or too little water. It's really a learning experience for me, but I'm catching on fast.Today is my last full day of vacation. Tomorrow it's back to the grind...ugh. It's really been fun not having to deal with the hassles of work, but I feel it's kinda time to get back now, so the timing was just about right. Wish I had more time to work on the blog, though. I'm getting the hang of this and coming up with more and more topics to talk about everyday. I'm loving it.As is becoming usual, I leave you with a video. John Fogerty singing his classic baseball song, "Centerfield" on opening day in Yankee Stadium last year in, where else? Centerfield. Enjoy!
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