Thursday, April 15, 2010

VIDEOS: Wizard Of Livonia: The Cramps - Live in Detroit 1983

WizardOLivonia  April 11, 2010 — The Cramps featuring a classic performance by Lux Interior vocals, Poison Ivy Rorschach lead guitar Nick Knox drums, Mike Metoff guitar. Recorded on location at St. Andrews Hall with camera by Brother Crimewave during the "Smell of Female" tour in 1983. Produced by Dan Boyd for Wizard of Livonia. Rest in peace Lux!

I did the camera and audio setup, also the strike and have archived it for 27 years. Had to go to another venue since I had a rare two shows in one night to VJ and do closed circuit.

Brother Crimewave aka Calvin Dean ran camera. After I was done at the other place I raced over just as the Cramps were coming off stage.
I'm not sure how we managed it but word was that the Cramps never let anyone back stage yet we were invited back by Lux and we hung out for a few hours shooting the shit, drinking listening to stories etc. So I never felt slighted missing the show. BTW Lux was very glad we recorded the show and was asking about how it turned out.

I know everyone wants to see the entire show and yes it is in the vault but someday I may want to do some restoration of the audio and picture and release tt as a DVD so putting more out there now would be working against my long term goal. Lux's unexpected passing prompted me to release a few clips last year and with the specter of human frailty looming on us all and the availability of modern restoration tools I may do this sooner rather than later.

--Dan Boyd aka Wizard of Livonia


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S said...

Very cool! I shot this one and the year prior in Detroit (stills) and I'm so glad to see somebody got the video.
Great stuff!