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Syd Barrett; Have You Got It Yet? Vol 11 v2.11 Photo/Info DVD-Rom (Version 11, 14th March 2010)

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Thanks much to Mark Jones!!!

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HYGIY Vol 11 v2.11
Syd Barrett - Have You Got It Yet? Vol 11 v2.11
Photo/Info DVD-Rom (Version 11, 14th March 2010)

This collection has taken 12 years to put together.
I started it in the 1998.

This disc contains EVERY photo of Syd Barrett & the early
Pink Floyd I could find in the best quality possible & piles
of CD inlays & text files. Most of the photos have been
renamed to show where it's from and, in case of multiple
copies of the same photo, named so that you know that.
(I.E. 2 versions of the same pic from 'Junkyard' photo shoot
are called JunkyardSyd2aCol. jpg & JunkyardSyd2bCol. jpg.)

Sometimes I couldn't decide which was the best out of 4
different sources of the same photo so you've got four
different versions (called a,b,c & d or l,2,3 & 4), but the file
name's the same so you know it's the same photo. One may have
richer more realistic colours, whereas another may be sharper.

There are no photos of the Floyd after Syd left. This is
everything to do with Syd & his time in Pink Floyd & his
solo career.

Also included are various interesting videos & other

Everything's set out in proper folders, photo sessions put
back together, interviews grouped together, art work etc.
It's still not complete, never will be, new pics will be
turning up still every now & again but here is everything
I have found.

WARNING: EVERYTHING I have found is here, that includes
items that some people may find distasteful. Photos of Roger
'Syd' Barrett taken without his consent during his 'after
fame' period, the 'Syd's First Trip' video clip & the l998
'Stalker' footage. If you are offended by these, then please do
not view them.

This collection was requested by the managers of the Syd
Barrett Estate in order to produce the official website.

PLEASE if you have anything that is missing from this disc
or an upgrade to a photo already on it then send it to me to
the e-mail address below so that it can be added to further
updated editions:

email: markjonesl97O@ btinternet. com

Thanks & I hope you enjoy it,

Mark Jones,
March 2010.

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