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A handwritten list of murder suspects, scribbled by JFK's secretary hours after his death

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EVELYN LINCOLN (1909 - 1995) Personal secretary to John F. Kennedy from his election to the U.S. Senate in 1953 until his 1963 assassination in Dallas. Mrs. Lincoln was privy to all of Kennedy's notes, letters and meeting, and was undoubtedly his closest aide. She was present in the motorcade when Kennedy was assassinated, and flew in Air Force One when it carried the late president's body back to Washington. We offer an astounding, most revealing set of notes entirely in Mrs. Lincoln's hand, what she described as a list of potential suspects in the murder of John F. Kennedy, composed by her during the return flight to Washington on the day of the assassination, November 22, 1963. The list, on an otherwise plain octavo sheet of paper, reads in order: "Lyndon [Johnson] KKK Dixiecrats [Teamster leader Jimmy] Hoffa John Birch Society Nixon [President of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh] Diem Rightist CIA in Cuban fiasco Dictators Communists". When the paper is inverted, jumbled notes appear: "Denny See mag of WH sq Over 68102" which we believe were written prior to Mrs. Lincoln's list. Much later, Mrs. Lincoln noted on the verso: "There is no end to the list of suspected conspirators to Pres. Kennedy murder. Many factions had their reasons for wanting the young president dead. That fact alone illustrates how the world suffers from a congenital proclivity to violence". Fine condition. This item was given by Mrs. Lincoln to her close friend and noted Kennedy collector Robert White, who over the years accumulated a vast collection of Kennedy letters and memorabilia from Mrs. Lincoln. She related to him how she had penned this list aboard Air Force One, and White in turn related her recollection to the consignor of this item at the time of its sale. Interestingly, common knowledge is that Lee Harvey Oswald was an ardent communist, the last suspect on Mrs. Lincoln's list, but the majority of conspiracy theorists believe that Lyndon Johnson or the Mob, with Kennedy-hater Jimmy Hoffa's complete support, ordered Kennedy's execution. An incredible relevatory piece of political history, never before offered for public sale.
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