Tuesday, December 7, 2010

RATBOY69: Rock And Roll Dance Party With...Roy Loney

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Roy Loney - Rock And Roll Dance Party With...Roy Loney
in flac - Covers are included
1. Ain't Got A Thing
2. My Baby Comes To Me
3. Gonna Rock Tonight
4. Magdalena
5. Slip, Slide And Stomp
6. Doctor Boogie


7. Panic To A Manic Degree
8. Oh, Pretty Woman
9. Double Dare
10. Lovin' Machine
11. Lana Lee
12. Don't Start Cryin' Now
13. Goodnight Alcatraz
This is an album i've wanted to do for a long time. Cut out all the crap and go for the throat! Just rock until your sideburns fall off and get it all down on tape. We've left in all the rough edges with no apologies to audiophiles or L.A.'s clean-cut studio boys.
I wouldn't exactly call this rockabilly. San Fransisco (my hometown) is pretty hilly, but not very billy. However, my ears first got destroyed at a very early age by the masterful thumpin' of Messrs. Perkins, Cochran,Berry, Lewis and The King himself, of course, so you might say that my roots twang loudely.
This record features new originals, old originals (from my GROOVIES era), oldies (Coasters, Orbison, Wynonie Harris, etc.), but there's not one ballad on the record. Nothing that moves at less than full-tilt. So if you want to slow dance in tight with your squeeze, you should buy a Barry Manilow record and pass on this one.
I assembled a group of the hottest rockers i know to perpetrate this assault. All good friends and boppers true. We had a genuine ball and got truly fractured cutting these sides. I hope the grooves on the record will un-leash the groove unto you and get your body jumpin' and jerkin' out of control. This is, after all, a dance album. Not one word of meaningful profundity leaps from my lips on these tunes.
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