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Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd Copenhagen 1967 Recording Being Aired

Syd Barrett Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd Copenhagen 1967 Recording Being Aired
Pink Floyd Copenhagen
Pink Floyd Copenhagen
Pink Floyd Copenhagen
Pink Floyd Copenhagen
Anders Lind, one of the key figures in the Swedish progressive music movement, taped a complete show of Pink Floyd Copenhagen in 1967. Apparently this, long rumored, recording will now see the light of day as a performance. Please see below:


September 10th 1967 Pink Floyd performed at the jazz club The Golden Circle in Stockholm.The concert was recorded with professional microphones on a Revox tape recorder.This recording is the only one existing of a complete Pink Floyd performance during theyear 1967. The recording is of the highest quality and listening to it is as close as one can get to actually having been there when it happend.

On May 3rd & 7th 2011 we once again open the doors to the Golden Circle for a reconstruction of that magic afternoon in September 1967. On the same stage at which they performed will be the same tape recorder that recorded them as well as specially designed Pink Floyd mannequins, wearing identical clothes and instruments as in 1967. We will for the first time since then experience PINK FLOYD – Live at the Golden Circle.

The phenomenal Stockholm based Pink Floyd cover band LOST IN RICK WRIGHT’S WARDROBE will perform PINK FLOYD classics from the Syd Barrett era, 1965-1968.

DJ:s Peter & Johan from KLUBB FOLKE!
Pink Floyd Copenhagen
Pink Floyd Copenhagen
Swede behind unique Pink Floyd concert.

The original Pink Floyd will play for one night at Gyllene Cirkeln in Stockholm. The audience will be able to listen for the first time to a uniqu recording and on stage are the original members – as mannequins.

The Pink Floyd concert with the bands founder, Syd Barrett will be played on 3rd and 7th of May this year. It's an almost 50 minute long, previously unaired recording from September 1967 that now, for the first time will be played in front of an audience where it was recorded 43 years ago.

Last summer a new edition of Syd Barrett's (1946-2006) music was released as a box set "Crazy Diamond”. Still missing was live recordings of the early psychedelic Pink Floyd, when Barrett was still the front man. Drugs and a fragile mind made Barrett loose control of himself and the group. He was replaced that same year by David Gilmour.

Gilmour has in interview said that they have been searching for live recordings with the early Pink Floyd, but found nothing but snippets. Few Pink Floyd fans has been able to hear what the band sounded like with Barrett. But here in Sweden there is a recording from the Pink Floyd gig at Gyllene Cirkeln. The concert date was the day before the debut album ”Piper at the gates of dawn” was released in the US.

It was a famous Swedish sound engineer that recorded Pink Floyd on his Revox recorder. He wants to remain anonymous for the time being to avoid being contacted by the groups many fans and others who wants to buy the unique recording.

”It's a lucky coincidence that the Gyllene Cirkelns new owners 2 Grabbar & Kök have chosen to recreate the original interior decorations of the restaurant from the 60's. We are trying to recreate everything as it was that night when Pink Floyd played. I've managed to get mannequins that we are going to dress with exact copies of the outfits that the band wore and the mannequins are being sculpted by students at Konstfack (Fine Arts School) so that they will look like the band members.”

If possible, the opening acts that played on Cirkeln on September 10th 1967, Sleepstones with Janne Schaffer and Ted Åström, and Bamboo with Michael Rickfors will also play at the event.

The two concert dates at Gyllene Cirkeln are before and after former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters gig at The Globe on May 4th and 5th. Waters will most probably attend the event at Cirkeln on May 3rd.
To: laughingMadcaps@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Saturday, October 26, 2002 6:26 PM
Subject: [LM] Stockholm 10 sep 1967

Hello again

Here at last is the "review" of half the show from Stockholm 1967. I have found the notes I have of the songs. So now I'm sitting here with a dram of Bowmore...........will probably be another one before I have finish this Email.

The show took place at Gyllene Cirkeln, which lays almost in the heart of Stockholm. It's still there but now it's called just Cirkeln. It's a restaurant, then and now also. It's open for lunch these days. I have copies of two photos from this show, you can see them in
The Amazing Pudding issue 35. One is when they play, you see that people just finish eating on that picture.... The other one is for me the last group picture of Syd as a Popstar.
(if anyone of you remember our prime minster, Olof Palme, he was shot down 1986 on open street. He last walk from the cinema, was just outside Cirkeln.)

In the summer of 1967, sorry 1986 a friend of mine asked me if I was interested to join him when he should record some tracks for his groups new album. Of course did I join him, I know that their producer was the one how did tape the show in Stockholm 1967 with Pink Floyd. He also have a jam session with a Swedish group called Hansson & Carlsson (some of you might have heard Hansson first solo album The Lord of the Rings from 1970). The
session is about 4 hours and they did do it together with the one and only Jimi Hendrix !

He did tape a lot of shows from Gyllene Cirkeln, I think one reason was that Hansson & Carlsson did play there often. So he did have his equipment there all the time. So the show is probably recorded the same way as the audience recording from Amsterdam 1969. He did record the show with a Revox reel and it's on two reels. It's the first reel that I have heard two times. You can be sure that I did try to find the other reel but it was thousands of reels laying around in the studio. He though he probably had it at home.

He said that he had to sign some kind of paper before the show, to someone, probably their manager. He couldn't remember.

So after a recording day in the studio, which ended up with me producing parts of one track on my friends record. He started to mix the Pink Floyd reel in the studio. If I hadn't know it was a audience recording, it wasn't hard to think it was a soundboard recording. Unfortunately was the sound of Syd singing not good. I don't know if it was the something wrong with Syds microphone or if Syd did feel like singing properly. (remember that they
saw some swedish people just finishing there dinner......also sitting still...)

So here's what they they play: a.. Reaction in G time 8:18 b.. Matilda Mother time 5:23 c.. Pow R Toch time 11:37 On the last reel is another 2 tracks, one which he didn't know the other one was their famous single, See Emily Play.............as he remember it.

Time for another dram of Bowmore.........
end of bottle.......

I did do some discussions with him if it really was See Emily Play or not. After a while he wasn't that sure anymore, it could actully been Arnold Layne instead. He was sure it was a famous single and I think it's more likely that they played Arnold Layne as they did play it in Copenhagen. If you listen to the interview with Roger from swedish radio, he isn't too happy talking about Emily.......

After a long dinner with lots of wine and happy talk, he said to us that if we wanted we could go down to the studio (downstairs) to listen to the show again. AND WE DID.

If you wonder how the show was, I can say it sounds very much same as Copenhagen (Pow R Toch as Rotterdam). I did do some listen to the Copenhagen show when I got back home and the only thing that's really different with the shows is the quality of the sound. Almost perfect.

I don't think this show will see the daylight if it's not released officially. If he could release it he would but as he is in the business and he have signed a paper he can't.

And now for something else, I answered an Email about 3rd 1967 gig recording. No one else did say something else about any other show from 1967. I started trading tapes 79/80 and since then I have heard lots of rumours of shows. Many has now seen the daylight BUT not all........

When I started trade there were no UK shows from the 60's, only the BBC stuff. The first UK show was from Croydon (70-01-18) but it was then not complete. But you could get shows from Denmark, Holland but no shows from the UK. STRANGE if you think how many shows that they did play and no tapes..... Then a friend of mind did get 35 mins of the show from The Plumton Festival 69 from someone here in Sweden who was there. Then suddenly there was a complete tape of the Plumton show available. Then did the guy find the show he had from Copenhagen (70-11-12) but again he hadn't got the whole show. And again a complete show did turn up soon after...........???????

Now some show from 1969 have turn up like London, Manchester and Southampton. While I was writing on this letter I have been listen to Chesterfield (69-03-27). When should UK shows from 1967 and 1968 turn up ?

I know that there are some people that have shows that they don't trade to anyone, only to "friends" or for other "rare" tapes or whatever they wanna call it. I know it cos I could prove it to one of the guilty once, he hasn't talk to after that............

So I have heard that Yoko Ono should have a complete show on film from 66/67, at least one other show from 66 or early 67 should exist on tape and some people in UK well known among tape traders should have a copy of it. The once who told me had probably same problem as me, we didn't have anything "rare" to trade with..... Or some may have got it as "you-can't-trade-this-then-you-wouldn't-get-any-more-from-me" BUT remember that these are only rumours and only rumours. But as we say in Sweden "you can't have smoke without a fire"

Best wishes and goodnight


Sept. 10, 1967 Interview
3 minute interview that took place during Pink Floyd’s 4-day Scandinavian tour

RW: Um, there’s me, I play bass, my names Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, who plays lead guitar, Rick Wright who plays organ, and Nick Mason plays the drums.
Interviewer: And you four together make The Pink Floyd. Why that certain name?
RW: Uh… No reason. You know, it’s just, uh, sounds like a nice name to us. It’s really just a registration mark. It’s better then called ourselves CCE338, or something like that.

Interviewer: Uh, when was the group formed?
RW: Um, a couple of years ago, I guess. Just playing back rooms, you know, around when we were all students.

Interviewer: All the music you’re performing with now, is original material, or is there somebody else writing it?
RW: No, it’s all stuff we’ve written ourselves. Well, most of it’s written by Syd.

Interviewer: Yes. Could you please try, at least in words, to express the kind of music that you’re performing?
RW: No.

Interviewer: You say it’s impossible, or…
RW: Yeah. Uh, it’s almost impossible to express it in music, let alone words.

Interviewer: Uh, OK, to which kind of music is it connected?
RW: Um, I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Interviewer: Ok, your first, your first record (laughs). Arnold Layne. When was that released?
RW: In England, um, three weeks ago.

Interviewer: And that’s all orignal stuff on it too, no?
RW: Yeah. Yeah.

Interviewer: Your latest single is See Emily Play. Who is Emily?
RW: Um… Uh, you know, if you can find out who she is, write us and tell us, ’cause we don’t know. She could be anyone. You know, she’s just a hung-up chick, that’s all.

Interviewer: Uh, is there any new single release planned for the near future?
RW: Well, there’s one planned, but we havn’t written the song yet.

Interviewer: Are there any future plans planned for you in the near future? Are you going to the States or something like that, or are you staying in England?
RW: Well, obviously we’d like to get to the States, ’cause, uh, there’s a lot of bread over there, but whether anyone will ask us to go is another question. You know, it really depends on the record breaking in the States. If the record breaks, you know… that’s cool. If it doesn’t, we don’t stand a chance.


Pink Floyd - 1967-09-13 - Star Club, Copenhagen

01. Stoned Again
02. Arnold Layne
03. Rush In A Million
04. Matilda Mother
05. Scream Thy Last Scream
06. Astronomy Domine

Syd Barrett
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Read more at www.sydbarrettpinkfloyd.com

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