Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Claus D.W.I.
junk shop juke box


Santa Claus D.W.I.

Here's one of my favorite Christmas records, not because the music is good (it's actually pretty piss-poor) but because it's such an anti-Christmas pair of Christmas songs. The sloppy low-budget drunk punk style fits the statement perfectly if you ask me.
When i got this one I hadn't heard any other music by the band, (still haven't) but a pair of punk rock Christmas songs by a group called Alcoholics Unanimous..?! I mean, this was going to be a winner no matter what. And it's on 'snow' white vinyl- come on... All i remember is that i bought it via mail-order over 10 years ago, (the pre-internet days.) It's been a holiday favorite of mine ever since. One i've enjoyed 'round the holidays for many years, and plan on enjoying 'round the holidays for many years to come.
Perhaps it will become a holiday favorite to some of my dear readers as well...
My gift to YOU.
You're welcome.

Santa Claus D.W.I.:

Santa Forgot The Booze:

Get Em-
Side One
Side Two

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