Friday, May 28, 2010

Garry Goodgion - Blues Party (wild 1960 Texas blues rocker)

Garry Goodgion - Blues Party (wild 1960 Texas blues rocker)

Starday  May 28, 2010 — From 1960. Stan Holden on drums. Any info on Garry Goodgion?


Sent this to our knowledgeable pal, George Gimarc & he had this to say:

"Had this record for sale about 2 years ago - and it's from 1960. Can't imagine selling it without having it in my own collection, but can't find it right now. The artist listed is Garry Goodgion. Could this be the same guy that played Billy in the 1967 film Bonnie & Clyde?  Since the film was shot on location in North Texas, it's possible there is a connection here. The tracks  are "Blues Party" and "Dear Little Darling."  The topside is the sound sample, and the flip is a vapory ballad. This was recorded by Holden Music, in Denison, Texas, right up there on the Oklahoma border."

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Marilyn said...

Garry Goodgion was my cousin. He is the same Garry Goodgion who played Billy in Bonnie & Clyde. He passed away on 20 March 2002.

Anonymous said...

Garry and I were good friends for about 8 years then we lost touch. I only recently learned of his death. I can't believe he died 10 years ago and I just foundout. do you know if he is buried at Restland in Dallas where his parents are?