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VIDEO: George Jones ~ Big Fool of the Year

George Jones ~ Big Fool of the Year

flashbell  February 01, 2008 — George Jones 
Born: September 12, 1931 
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1992) 
Country Music Hall of Fame (1992) 
Music City News Living Legend Award (1987) 

Somewhere between the greed for money and sound judgment, the legends of country music were tossed aside for the outlandish sound they call country music today. RJB Nashville, Tennessee
(Justin Tubb)

George Jones - 1963

Also recorded by: Ernest Tubb

All the big fools in town got together 
Every hopeless loving heart I know was there
We all sat around and told our own sad stories
Then they made me the big fool of the year

Oh they gave to me a little golden statue 
Of the torch that I carry for you dear
They said no one else could even come close to me
And that I was the Big Fool Of The Year

I'll put mine up beside any foolish heart in town
For there's none can hold a light 
To this torch I carry round
I can't say that I'm too proud of the honor 

But then I guess I do deserve it dear
For to love you after all you've made me suffer
Surely makes me the Big Fool of The Year
You have made me the Big Fool of The Year

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