Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Arthur Lee/Love book

NEW Arthur Lee & Love book

JoeChrisMorris  May 27, 2010 — published 2010 - color and black and white pix index excerpts from arthur lees book


From Joseph at:

interesting quote on Syd by Robyn in new John Einarson book on Love/Arthur Lee:

"He [Arthur] was friendly and hugged me several times. I was exhilarated and loved playing along. My abiding memory is of discussing Syd Barrett with Arthur, backstage at the RFH. "Yeah," said Arthur. "What the hell happened to him?" Barrett had been a huge fan of Love. It was heartening to see that Arthur Lee was still able to perform and bask in the appreciation of his greatest work, whereas Barrett had utteerly distanced himself from his brief career. They died within a month of each other"

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