Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anybody Got Remembrances/Memorabilia from The Cellar Clubs?

Wm. Wms. at the Big D 60's Yahoo Group:
posted this information. Can anybody out there help?

Participation in The Cellar documentary
Posted by: "Giles Mccrary" taogiles@sbcglobal. net festivetao
Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:49 pm (PDT)

I have spent the past six weeks working on a documentary about The
Cellar. The more research I read, and the more interviews I get on
tape, the more excited I become. This documentary will be able to
reach a much larger audience than first I expected because of its
universal relevance that will be established as the documentary
explores the Cellar Club's juxtaposition to the relevant social issues
of that time, parochial as well as global. It will also examine
poignant existential issues within a specific population as it
remembers the past and reflects on the present.

I need photos, film, and memorabilia related to The Cellar (Fort
Worth, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio) as soon as possible. This is
where the members of the list serve can help me in telling The Cellar
story. I am only interested in photos or film taken in or in front of
the clubs between 1959 and 1974, and/or musicians, patrons, and
employees associated with The Cellar during said time frame. The
photos that are published on the web are exactly what I´m looking for,
except I need better resolution than can I can get by copying from the
internet. If you can help me, I need CD ROMs of your images or the
actual photos so I can scan them. If you do send photos for me to
scan, they will be handled with the upmost care and promptly returned.
I can´t guarantee that every image will be used, but I need to have as
much choice as possible.

Please contact me by email...
taogiles@sbcglobal. net

www.gilesvid. com

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