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Music from Classic Adult Films

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23 augustus 2009

Music from Classic Adult Films

V. A. - Sex-O-Rama, Music from Classic Adult Films (1997)
01 Debbie Does Dallas: The Shower Scene
02 I Like to Watch: It's Your Day
03 Taboo: Hello Mother
04 Behind the Green Door: Ravishing Marilyn
05 Sex World: Green Door Fantasy
06 Jade Pussycat: Introducing Johnny Wadd
07 Legend of Lady Blue: The Examination
08 Eruption: Driving Ms. Bovee
09 Seka's Fantasies: Funkgasm
10 Opening of Misty Beethoven: Napoleon
11 Amanda by Night: Main Title
12 Deep Throat: Main Title

V. A. - Sex-O-Rama 2, Classic Adult Film Music (1998)
01 Blow Me Down
02 Stiffed
03 Seduction
04 Sexercise
05 Love Muscle
06 Pearl Necklace
07 Big Top
08 Private Dick
09 Hard Times
10 The Money Shot
11 Bottoms Up
12 Doctor Sex
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