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GUN CLUB - "Da Blood Done Signed My Name"

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The Gun Club
"Da Blood Done Signed My Name"

.=###==---deaTh rocK shaman jeffrey lee pierce gave punk a good kicking of the delta blues,and his Gun Club delivered the sounds of the swampy alleyways of Los Angeles. formed in the 80's, they released the album "FIRE of Love" in 1981 on Slash records and quickly became a classic LP .

this compliation combines the following:
-The First Studio Recordings, April 1981 in L.A. (CD 1, Tracks 1-5)
-Live in the Spring of '82 at the Continental Club, Buffalo, NY (CD 1, Tracks 6-18)
-Early Home Demos 1980-1981. A Six String Sermon. (CD 2, Tracks 1-16)
-Gun Club Interview, March/April 1982 (CD 2, Track 17)


CD 1:

1) Goodbye Johnny
2) Preaching The Blues
3) Watermelon Man
4) Devil In The Woods
5) Fire Of Love
6) Ghost On The Highway
7) Walkin' With The Beast
8) I Hear Your Heart Singing
9) Devil In The Woods
10) Goodbye Johnny
11) For The Love Of Ivy
12) Bad Indian
13) Strange Fruit
14) Fire Spirit
15) Carry Home
16) Preaching The Blues
17) Sex Beat
18) Jack On Fire

CD 2:

1) Promise Me
2) Treat Your Train Right
3) Cool Drink Of Water Blues
4) Devil In The Woods
5) Goodbye Johnny
6) Gonna Find My Baby
7) Desire By Blue River
8) The Devil & The Nigger
9) An American Promise
10) I'm On This Rocket
11) Your Man's Feelin' Low
12) John Henry
13) Blackjack Davey
14) Waiting
15) Hey Baby
16) Hey Madame
17) Gun Club Interview

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